About Great Lakes Grading

Located in Stark County, Ohio we at GLG started our journey during May of 2021.  Tired of long waits and the variable ratings given without a reason we set out to start our own grading company to bring transparency to the service.

After searching from May-July for software and equipment to help assist in the grading process we found what we were looking for.  


After we modified the software for grading, we were able to set our grading scale after viewing cards previously graded by other companies to understand the variance associated with each grade.  We took what we learned and used that to finalize the process that we are using today.  Our first orders came in October of 2021 when we did a real soft launch.  As we are not only current players of TCGs and collectors of sports cards, we have been also owners of stores or employees of local shops.  Knowing this we knew the best way to get our slabs in your hands was to start from the ground up: At your local game shop. 

Since we started at our Authorized Retail Locations we have grown immensely and are now expanding our services outside the local area.  We hope you love our custom labels as much as we do, and our local customers have!