Our Process


Our handler opens the package you sent us under video to verify correct contents are there. If any submission defers we will contact you immediately. Then your order is updated to received and waiting to be graded.


Once your card(s) are ready to be graded our grader meticulously inspects the edges, corners, and surface.  Once inspected the grader goes off our benchmarked grading scale to determine the level off from a Gem Mint 10 and marks it on the detailed Pop Report to determine your subgrades for the edges, corners, and surface. Next our grader places the card under our advanced camera so our software can determine the centering.  Once the subgrades are known, a card is given the overall grade. 

Finalizing the card and preparing for shipment.

After grading is completed, we will print the card’s grading label and seal the card in the slab.  Then we will prepare your card(s) for return shipping.


If your order was online:  It will be mailed back to you once your shipping invoice is paid within 1 business day on average.

If your order was in-person at one of our Authorized Retail Locations, we will drop your order off on our scheduled dates for that LGS.