Why Choose us?

We are built with Local Game Shops in mind.

We have been around local game shops all our lives.  Heck, I met my wife in her father’s shop playing Magic.  I know other people who have also found life-long friends and family the same way I have.  With that I reached out to my friends who are owners and was able to show them how we can help them and add another level of service they can offer to other customers.  We also showed then how our grading standards are equal to other companies by using software to assist.  So far, we are in 4 stores you can locally shop at in our authorized retail locations in Ohio and are looking to expand too even more.  With that said, we want to grow like any other business and that requires us go outside the local area and take orders nationally by utilizing our website.

Choosing us for best look and simple pricing.

When choosing to get a card graded or slabbed a few criteria when choosing a company come to mind:

  1. Cost, including return on investment
  2. Visual Look
  3. How long till I get my cards back

We understand collecting and also understand the market has a large amount of casual to serious collectors looking to protect cards that have a value of $0-1000 when graded at a Gem Mint 10.  That is where our target audience is.  We know that our cost is reasonable, and the visual look is outstanding!

We aim to do no longer than 30 days turnaround time, so you get your cards back quickly once we receive them.  Lastly, we understand that ROI is important and by having set prices you can plan based on the total submission cost compared to our competition and when you look at the market value of a card priced between $0-1000 we think you’ll agree we are a solid choice. 

Detailing why your card was graded less than Gem Mint 10. The only company in the business to do so.

You ever wonder why your card got graded less than perfect?  It is hard to tell.  We believe in transparency.  100%.  We have on our POP report details on why your card was graded below a Gem Mint 10.  We provide enough details that you can look and see for yourself on where it was damaged quicker and easier than any other company.